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The Blemish Blaster Facial

22nd February 2023

Announcing a new treatment at Boheme!

We have had a considerable increase in clients suffering from acne, congestion and blackheads in the last few months, so we've created a problem-skin-solving protocol focused on clearing your skin, healing and reducing inflammation. 

The Blemish Blaster Facial.

Who is this treatment for:

Clients with mild to moderate congestion, blackheads and acne will love this treatment.

This facial will help to loosen up blackheads and congestion to safely remove them with extractions, custom exfoliation to improve your skin's texture and infuse essential vitamins into your skin for repair and balance.

How often can you have this treatment?

Fortnightly treatments will dramatically help your skin condition, decongest and prevent further blackheads. We recommend functional and supportive home care during this course of treatment.

What is the process?

  • Boheme signature double cleanse
  • Sebum decongesting soak
  • Safe extractions on blackheads, congestion and pustules
  • Customised skin peel
  • Barrier repair and anti-inflammatory finishing products
  • Acne safe SPF

Is there any social downtime? 

Depending on the severity of your blackheads, congestion and acne, you may be red and a little puffy from the extractions performed. You may also experience some peeling depending on the customised skin peel your therapist has completed. If this concerns you, please chat with your skin therapist, and we can customise a peel without downtime.

Are you ready to begin your journey to clearer skin?

The Blemish Blaster is $148 and is 45-60 minutes long, depending on customisable exfoliation and extractions.

Reach out to make your appointment today! 

Ph 47245900 or book online under the category "Peels & Exfoliation."