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Skin Peels & Exfoliation

Skin Peels & Exfoliation

These treatments have been designed to provide results, in a short space of time. We have a wide range of skin peels and enzyme exfoliants to treat all skin conditions, leaving you feeling smooth and hydrated.

Meso-Peel: $130

All MesoPeels at Boheme include a signature cleanse, prep, peel, anti-stress mask, barrier repair finishing skincare.  

Mesopeel® chemical peels help to maintain a healthy appearance while revealing fresher, brighter skin. This is due to the inclusion of organic fruit acids, AHAs and BHAs, raising the skin's acidity. Changing the skin's pH level makes the bond between dead skin and healthy skin chemically loosen, prompting exfoliation. This promotes the growth of new, healthy skin cells and collagen and elastin production.

Variations of Mesopeels available:

Meso-Lactic: Stimulates collagen production, and helps with pigmentation, hydration and fine lines. 

Meso-Glycolic: Evens out skin tone, stimulates collagen production, and helps reverse UV damage.

Meso-Salicylic: Acne, seborrheic, congested skins. Reduces inflammation while decongesting the blocked pores.

Meso-Mandelic: for thick, oily, seborrhoeic skin and/or with dyschromia/pigmentation.

Meso-Modified Jessner- $159: recommended as a second-stage treatment for age management, dark spots, irregular tone and helping to heal acne. This modified Jessner has very little, if any social downtime or skin peeling.

* social downtime can be expected with some peel treatments; talk to your Boheme Skin Therapist about this to be sure we choose a treatment suited to you and your lifestyle.

Periocular Brightening Peel: $130

(can be added to your peel or facial for $88)

Specific depigmenting for your eye contour area using modified Jessner peel, depigmentation solution and an anti-stress mask. An advanced treatment not suitable for a first-time facial client, skin preparation is required.

Skin Tone Unifying Hand Peel $140

(can be added to your peel or facial for $98)

Your skin therapist will choose a suitable peel solution to suit your needs and the degree of UV damage your hands have experienced. Brighten, smooth and boost collagen production on one of the most neglected parts of your body. 

Resilience Peel $115

This short but effective peel treatment is customised for your skin type and condition, targeting many conditions. Age Management, Acne, Oily Skin, Dull and Dry Skin.

*Depending on the peel chosen, you may experience some light shedding a few days after your treatment.

Peel & Heal™ (Power Peel + LED): $149

Experience all the benefits of our Resilience Peel, combined with an LED treatment:

  • LED BLUE: Blemish Busting for acne treatments
  • LED RED: Rejuvenating for age management,
  • LED InfraRed: Anti-inflammatory and calming after an intense peel or for sensitive skin.

WIQO TRX P33: $195

Wiqo® One is an innovative Italian product that stimulates the skin’s natural restorative processes in a unique way with minimal discomfort. The multi-layered approach immediately lifts and brightens the skin, so it instantly appears smoother and firmer with little or no downtime. Best when performed as a package of 5 with the recommended home care. 5 x peel treatments + 2 x home care products: $1260