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How to prepare for your first facial with us!

30th January 2023

Two weeks before: 

Avoid fillers, Botox, injectable treatments, intensive skin treatments such as needling, IPL and laser skin treatments, laser hair removal and derma-planing. 

WHY? Receiving a facial too soon after injectables can leave you at risk of your Botox or filler moving and shifting underneath the surface of your skin. 

Four days before: 

Avoid exfoliation at home, liquid, physical, and retinol-based products. Please note: vitamin A ingredients like retinaldehyde and retinol palmitate/acetate are OK to continue your daily use. 

WHY? Most of our Boheme skin treatments and facials will involve exfoliation. Avoiding exfoliating at home allows us to see how your skin functions and choose your exfoliant wisely.

On the day of your consultation and treatment:

If this is your first consultation at Boheme, please bring your current skincare routine or photos of your products to your appointment. We need to see what you're currently using on your skin to know where you are in your skincare journey, including occasional masks, exfoliants and body products.

On your first consultation, we will take images of your skin; please arrive with cleansed skin and no make-up or SPF so that our camera can take an accurate photo.

Be prepared to discuss your skin concerns. We are here to help you and map out your journey towards healthy, strong, luminous skin and communication is critical with your skin therapist. If you're visiting us purely for relaxation, let your therapist know. We will still tailor your treatment to suit your skin condition and type to make the most of your treatment, as no two skins are alike.

Plan your day, and exercise before your treatment, knowing that you shouldn't be doing heavy exercise after your treatment and staying out of the sun the day after your facial treatment.

We advise taking the smart watches off and silencing your mobile phone, as we would love for you to have a fantastic experience with no distractions. However, we understand that life does happen, so please let us know if you are waiting for an urgent phone call.

If it's been a while between treatments, and you'd like to get back on track, reach out! We are here for you!