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🌹 5 Self-Care Ideas for V-Day 🌹

13th February 2023

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about roses, chocolates and fancy dinners; here are our top tips for feeling amazing this V-Day in the name of self-care and self-love.

  1. Take a moment to stretch your body, lengthen your muscles and breathe deeply to oxygenate your body more than usual. Focus on the areas where you hold stress and take time to feel a release in the muscles.
  2. Take it easy on yourself. Make a list of three things you did well today! That to-do list can be overwhelming, so let's focus on the little wins in your day.
  3. Detox your skincare stash. Ditch it if you're not using it and it's over 12 weeks old. You must use your vitamin-based serums and creams for potency and efficacy within three months.
  4. Call that friend or relative you've meant to catch up with for too long. 
  5. Eat nourishing food all day long. Nutrient-dense, skin-loving foods like avocado, seeds and nuts, fatty fish, greens and herbal teas will make you feel amazing and help your skin glow!