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5 great reasons to have a facial

As skincare professionals, it’s our duty to educate people why it’s so important to have a professional facial treatment. Most people don’t understand the benefits of a great facial and will usually wait until a problem arises like pigmentation, breakouts or ageing concerns before they contact a skin therapist.

Here are just five benefits of a professional skin treatment, keeping in mind that Boheme facials are 100% tailored to suit the individual. No two treatments are the same for our clients, we work hard to deliver great results!

Benefit 1. Professional Skin Analysis: having a regular catch up with your skin therapist will ensure that you are using the best products suited to your skin, saving you money and potential skin problems in the long run. Working together towards a long term goal, whether it be maintenance or solving skin problems, will keep your skin happy and healthy.

Benefit 2. Detoxification: Your skin is the largest organ of your body! A treatment with a skilled therapist will increase the circulation, lymphatic flow and aid detoxification. This in turn helps to decrease waste accumulation in the skin, helping to remove puffiness and ruddiness as well as increasing general skin health and facilitate the renewal of skin cells.

Benefit 3. A Deep(er) cleanse: Boheme skin therapists are armed with a multitude of ingredients and equipment that will cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin deeper than you can do at home. Oils, enzymes, acids, steam and microdermabrasion are some of the tools we use to tailor the perfect cleanse for your skin.

Benefit 4. Relaxation: Facials allow you to relax. Turn off your mobile phone and let someone look after you for a while! The deep sense of relaxation and stress relief is amazing while you enjoy a massage with skilled and caring hands.

Benefit 5. Slow the ageing process: A professional skin therapist will give your skin a real work out!! We use active ingredients, exfoliation, hands on skill and technology. The end result will be clearer and smoother skin, more luminosity, relaxed fine lines and wrinkles and a more energised skin. All of these things contribute to slowing down ageing and maintaining the health and wellbeing of your skin!

We look forward to seeing you at Boheme City (Ph: 07 47245900) or Boheme Kirwan (ph: 07 47734402) soon!

Kim x

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