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This is Not Your Grandmothers Skin Care!

Kims Beauty School IDSkin care has changed. It's changed SO MUCH even in the last couple of decades. Skin therapists have had to up their game- in a massive way! It's no longer about a simple cleanse, tone, moisturise; like grandma used to do.

Back in the mid 90's, when I was a fresh young beauty therapist straight out of college, I thought the skin care that was available to me as a therapist was amazing! We performed so many facials that kept clients skin hydrated, clean and plump. But, that was about it in terms of skin improvement.

In the last 20 years, I've seen the skin care industry evolve and change in so many ways. Products like the one in the 1990's still exist, BUT with the advancement in technology and research we now have skin care that can CHANGE skins!

Our clients lifestyle, skin and demands have changed dramatically over the years. We now have a greater NEED for results based skin care... Here's a few reasons why:

STRESS: Oh my, don't we lead full lives now!! The addition of The Internet, Smartphones and social media, things that are meant to make our lives easier has left most of us feeling more stressed. The constant pressure to be "on point" in every area of life, love and work is creating an unnecessary urgency and stress for a lot of already busy people.

Stress not only affects the brain and heart, it can show up in your skin as wrinkles, breakouts, inflammation and dark eyes.

PROCESSED FOODS & SUGAR: In 2012 a report revealed that Australians are consuming 192 teaspoons of sugar per week. Compared to an average of 17 teaspoons per week in the mid 1930's, this is a huge increase! Sugar consumption causes your insulin levels to spike, creating a burst of inflammation in your body.

This inflammation produces enzymes that actively break down collagen and elastin in your body- and more importantly in your skin- leading to accelerated ageing and wrinkles.

PRESCRIPTION & LIFESTYLE DRUGS: Nearly every prescription drug has a side effect on your skin. For example: Antibiotics and nicotine impair the skins wound healing ability. Sedatives and anti-depressants will make your skin more sensitive to light. Lifestyle drugs have a huge impact on your skins health and vitality, leaving your skin looking older than it is or creating lumps, bumps and sore breakouts.

Our lives have changed, and luckily professional skin care has been keeping up! Treatments and home care can now reduce pigmentation, correct acne, reverse ageing and treat so many imbalances; I get so excited at the endless opportunities to help people with their skin problems and complaints!

These are some of the reasons why your skin therapist at Boheme will tailor your treatment and home care prescription for you, every time you visit us. Your skin changes and evolves around you and your lifestyle, we are here to help! 

Call your favourite Boheme to make an appointment to see one of our passionate skin therapists today. Boheme City (ph 07 4724 5900) and Boheme Kirwan (ph 07 4773 4402)

Kim x

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