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10 Years Younger in 10 Days!

While it might seem like nothing more than a dream, there are some real things you can do to turn back the clock on the ageing process.

Exposure to the harsh Australia sun can leave your skin looking dull, dry and wrinkled. It’s important to do everything you can to give your skin a fighting chance to age gracefully. Maintaining the long-term health of your skin plays an essential part in keeping you looking your best, no matter what your age is.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a time-machine in our salon, but we do have a revolutionary ‘10 years in 10 days’ procedure that really lives up to its name.

Introducing the ‘10 years in 10 days’ procedure

This innovative procedure is a mid-level epidermal skin peel that is designed to remove the surface dead redundant cell material, instigate the remodelling phases and build stronger structures from within.

This procedure is the embodiment of DMK's motto: Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain.

Applied systematically in layers, the procedure is tailored to suit your individual skin requirements – no matter what they are. It brings elastin and collagen back to the surface of your skin from the inside, leaving you with a fresher complexion that has been revised back to its most healthy and youthful state.

Who is it for?

The ‘10 years in 10 days’ procedure is perfect for both men and women who are wanting to look younger or improve the appearance of their skin.

It is ideal not only for age management, but also for correcting sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and glycation. It can help correct texture and uneven tones in your skin, and assist to relieve congested skin that is prone to acne.

What does it involve?

Just peeling the skin won’t give you long-term results—the real problems stem from deeper down—and that’s why this system is so much more than just a peel. It also includes skin preparation, infusions and a home prescriptive system.

Before the procedure can begin, we need to thoroughly prepare the skin. It is important to do this both topically and internally to achieve the best results. The peel works with water, so there needs to be plenty of water in the skin in order for it to work effectively.

We provide you with an at-home system for before, during and after the procedure that includes serums, oils, and supplements that will help with cell turnover and controlling inflammation.

The 10-day process involves procedures in salon featuring the Signature Enzyme Treatment, as well as care at home.

Here’s what you can expect:

Day 1: Your Skin Revision Therapist will begin applying layers of the solution to your skin.

Day 2: The solution is applied again, this time focusing on more targeted areas. Start cleansing your skin as usual at home, and apply Beta Gel, Direct Delivery Vitamin C, Herbal Pigment Oil and Contraderm as prescribed.

Day 3 and 4: These are the only downtime days for the procedure. Your skin should have begun to peel, and you may feel a little uncomfortable. However, you can still cover up with makeup if you like.

Day 5: In salon, you’ll receive an Enzyme Lift-off Treatment and infusion of multi-vitamins, amino and fatty acids. We will help remove any dead cells that have not completely exfoliated.

Day 10: Another in-salon Enzyme Lift-off and infusion. You Professional Skin Revision Therapist will prescribe the next step in your skin maintenance.

During the procedure it is important that you don’t go in the sun, swim or exercise. For this reason, Winter is an ideal time to have this procedure. You’ll be able to start the warmer months looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

The expected results:

Many people have found an improvement and restoration to their appearance of their skin after the procedure. Each individual’s results will vary depending on their skin type and condition. Some people will only need one procedure, but others will benefit from repeating the procedure after a period of time until the desired results are achieved.

Once the 10 days procedure is over, it is important that you maintain proper care of your skin as advised by your therapist.

Here at Boheme Skin + Beauty, our first priority is maintaining the long-term health of your skin.

Even though the ‘10 years in 10 days’ procedure has a short and intense downtime, it’s easy to see the results are amazing.

Call us today for your consultation and start your journey to looking 10 years younger in 10 days today.

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